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Research Department

In the process of establishing as the backbone of HLC, it will grow steadily and will be composed of dedicated equity analysts with strong backgrounds and high ethical standards. HLC's Research Department is regular supplier of information to its clients. To maintain a good coverage of the Pakistan's stocks necessitates a though understanding of economic fundamentals and political dynamics. The research team is monitoring these developments closely and provides comprehensive macro-economic updates and analysis in a timely manner. The ability to locate and further accurate data from many sectors of the economy through reliable industrial sources and contacts is an advantage development by HLC's analysts. The research department at HLC is reputed to be the provider of the most pertinent investment advice based on through fundamental analysis and accurate company valuation.

In addition to these functions the research department provides investors and the industry with the expert analysis and opinions on numerous economic issues through daily, weekly and monthly research publications. These publications cover the latest development in economics, politics, numerous industries and the stock market.

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